03 December 2009

The Countdown has Begun

The tree is up and the house is decorated.....this time in 3 weeks....Santa comes!!!

I have been trying to find a new Christmas craft idea for the kids each day. Today it was painting pine cones collected from my Mum's house.

Of course, no painted pine cone is complete without being drowned in glitter!!

I am rapidly running out of ideas that will interest both kids (aged 2 & 3yrs) so if anybody has any ideas....please feel free to share!

30 November 2009

Gidget Dress

This is the latest addition to the Boodabubs Summer Girls Range......the Gidget Dress!

A simple slip on style dress made from gorgeous lightweight fabric with soft elastic shirring around the top and the hips.

Designed to be a 'dropwaist' style dress providing maximum simplicity and comfort for little girls. Pop on over togs after swimming for a quick coverup!
I own several of these dresses in various styles and fabrics and live in them, so I decided to create a mini version....I am very happy with the outcome!
Check them out in store now.

21 November 2009

Boodabubs Summer Essentials for Bubs

Finally I have finished off some summer sets for the Boodabubs online store. These sets are part of the Boodabubs Summer Essentials range. A basic summer range for bubs and kids, made for the Aussie summer......quality handmade clothing designed for everyday wear at an affordable price!

I have listed a few of the Bubs sets and am working on the toddler sets as I type (well, not quite).

Check out the rest in store.

18 November 2009

Just around the corner....

Like most of you, I cannot believe it's only 5 and a bit weeks until Christmas. Despite the fact that it seems to have crept up on me.....I absolutely love everything about this festive season.

This is the first year (in the last 6 years) that my parents, 7 brothers & sisters and 6 nieces & nephews will not be turning our house upside down on Christmas day/night. This year we are celebrating at my sister's home and I must say I am already enjoying a relaxing lead up to Christmas. Usually at this time I am cleaning my house from top to bottom, shopping every 2 days to ensure we have enough food to feed our 'army', gardening, painting etc, etc, etc. Basically, every little thing that hasn't been done since last Christmas has to be done in the last few weeks leading up.....but not this year!!!

I have spent this week creating with my little chickens. Cardboard christmas trees and stars to decorate, christmas tree cookies with icing and sprinkles, not to mention watching 'The Santa Clause' at least 6 times already!

These days of being able to be at home, with small children in the lead up to Christmas, are very limited and this year I am really going to make the most of it.

Off to bed now in preparation for being woken at 5am by two very energetic little men!

10 November 2009


The weekend just gone was glorious. Not too hot to be outdoors. Perfect for parties, barbecues and swimming.....and we did all three!

We celebrated my best friends birthday at Bribie Island. The kids all had a great time playing and swimming. What a magical time of year!

02 November 2009

We're still here....

Just a quick note to apologise for the lack of blog posts over the last 2 months. Last you all heard, our Summer range was coming and then....nothing. Well, we are trying to organise a move which will mean I will have my husband at home all week rather than just on weekends. This will also mean I can start sewing again.

In the meantime, I have managed to list a few new things. I have had many emails chasing the Tiny Tops which I blogged about back in winter. I did list a few but they were snapped up very quickly. I have listed some more and have more ready, just waiting to be photographed so they won't be far away. Also, some cute Peasant Tops from Miss Polly, as seen below.....

I have also taken further discounts of our already 'on sale' items which means these are really great bargains!!

Don't forget, VIP members get 10% off their entire order value.

31 August 2009

So Long Winter

Well, the weather here on the Sunny Coast turned a little chilly today for the last day of winter. Just to remind us what we'll be missing out on!!!

I had hoped to have the spring/summer funky gear in store by now but am running a little behind....with good reason. My husband has just started working away so I have spent the last week adjusting to the new 'solo mum' routine. He comes home on weekends, which means the last thing I want to do is sew! As a result, not much has happened over the past few weeks.

I am anticipating that I will add the stock over the next week or two so keep eyes peeled.

Anyway, off to bed and hoping the sun will be shining bright for the first day of Spring tomorrow.

18 August 2009

More Spring/Summer Range Happy Snaps

The pics are all in for the Spring/Summer range and I am quickly trying to ensure the stock is ready to go before I list the items in store.....at the same time as finishing wholesale orders and trying to build stock for the Mathilda's Market in November!

Another of my creations over the past few months.....The Halle Halter Dress is absolutely adorable and so fresh and fun for the upcoming warmer weather.

It will be available in sizes from 1 year through to 4 years and in a range of bright and fun fabrics.

Sign up for VIP membership to ensure you don't miss out on the new stock toward the end of August.

Thanks to gorgeous Lilly who put on a brave face modelling the summer range in the middle of winter!!


05 August 2009

The Winter Backburn

A bit of excitement in our little patch of suburbia today.
Our home and a few others in our street back onto a large patch of bushland and this afternoon we had the fire fighters doing a controlled backburn. The boys were so excited when we got home to a firetruck parked at the front of our house.
The photos are a bit hazy due to the smoke.....

We especially love how the firefighters know how much it means to the kids to see the lights and hear the sirens. They put on a great show for Kyan and Jayden......all the while keeping our homes safe! Good job guys. Thanks.

04 August 2009

Some Spring/Summer Pics

Well, we have finally finished our photo shoot for the Spring/Summer range and the photos are just being finalised. A couple of my favourites below.......2 outfits that capture the feel of being a kid on the Sunshine Coast!
Lilly in the red Hula Girl Set. Summer in the Denim Shorts & Tiny Top Set. The Tiny Tops were a customer favourite last summer so I'm sure many will be glad to see them back!

Both of these sets will be available in store towards the end of August....along with lots more new stuff for girls and boys!
Thanks to my pal Sheree for the fantastic photography...and the gorgeous girls!

31 July 2009


Don't forget to check out the Boodabubs SALE happening at the moment. All winter stock is marked down, so grab yourself a bargain!

If you are a registered Boodabubs VIP Customer, you can use your discount code to receive a further 10% off already marked down stock.

If you aren't already registered click here and complete your details. Don't forget to confirm your registration by clicking the link in your email. Once registered you will receive your discount code......it's that easy!

All stock MUST GO to make way for our Spring/Summer range which will hit the shelves very soon!


30 July 2009

What a Splendour-iffic Weekend

Well, it's over for another year.

Earlier this week I returned from my annual pilgrimage to the amazing Byron Bay for Splendour in the Grass. A 2 day festival packed with music from around the globe and great food and market stalls.
As usual I shopped like a maniac in town......spending a small fortune at Essentially Byron.....the best bubs & kids shop in the WORLD!! Got some amazing little jumpers, for the boys, from the 'Orbit Kids' label. I think my boys own every single item ever released by Orbit Kids!!

We enjoyed fantastic breakfast every day, sitting on the comfy couches at 'The Balcony'. What a shame it has to end.

Oh well, now it's back to reality. Unfortunately for me, reality at the moment is sick kids! YAY!

Can't wait for next year!!
Shelley x

11 July 2009

Spring Summer Inspiration

A few months ago, I completed my designs for the Boodabubs spring/summer range. This is the first time I have actually designed a complete range of designs that will be available through the entire season. My inspiration for the range came from photos of my sister & I when we were young. We were always dressed in the cutest little 70's clothes that, to me, captured the essence of being a child. Although my fabrics are a little more modern, the design concept is the same......cute kids clothes made for fun in the sun!

To look at the range reminds me of a summer fruit bowl.....strawberries, kiwi fruit, mango.....so cute, I want to eat them!

So, after a long few months of design, patterning, cutting & sewing we are almost ready to photograph and I can hardly wait!!

09 July 2009

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee!

Today I have enjoyed a lovely relaxing birthday. I have been very spoilt....diamond earrings, flowers, perfume & a handbag!!!! Now I am looking forward to a romantic restaurant dinner with my husband tonight......

06 July 2009

Spring/Summer Range almost ready!!

I am finishing of the last few garments of my Spring/Summer range this week for our photo shoot next week. I can't wait!

In the meantime, I am also trying to keep adding new stock to the store. Finished this off today, in between the chaos of life with 2 toddlers.

Shelley xx

05 July 2009

Spoke too soon!

Okay, it appears that I spoke too soon regarding our delightful weather. Today is freeeeezing. It's nice in the sun but the wind is icy! So cold that Jayden is still in bed at 10am....dead to the world!!

Unfortunately though, the yardwork still needs doing. Kyan has been helping dad in the yard......playing with worms dug out of the garden. Now they are onto the pool cleaning. One of those jobs that needs doing year round, even though it only gets used for about 6 months of the year.

Anyway, while they are cleaning I can get some sewing done. Will blog again later regarding sewing. xx

02 July 2009


I know I've already blogged today but I couldn't resist raving about the amazing weather on the Sunny Sunshine Coast today.

We have just spent all morning lazing on the beach and it was actually HOT in the sun! We always have lovely days in winter but not quite this warm......though the water is about minus 10.....maybe a slight exaggeration!.

Anyway, not complaining. Just sharing some pics of my little men enjoying the day.

....and, yes, they are wearing matching wetsuits!! They only had one colour when I got them....I know they'll hate me for it when they're older. hehehe


Every morning I wake up thinking I can make it through the day without my caffiene fix.....and everyday I fail miserably.

I think back to when I used to make a fresh juice every morning and the only time I would have coffee was when I needed to stay awake and bounce off the walls for the next 12 hours. Now it has no such affect on me, it merely keeps me awake!
Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is because on 30 June, my sister and I completed the sale of our cafe in Maroochydore.

Firstly, this means no more FREE coffee which is a catastrophe. It also means that I don't have that 'I can always go back to' option in the background. We've sold shops before but this was our LAST ONE. No more juice bars or cafes.

Perhaps it's time to give up coffee.......after I pop down to my local cafe and grab a flat white!


01 July 2009

New stock in store

Well, our June VIP sale is complete and remaining stock has been added to the store. Our best selling Party Pants are available in some new fabrics and our new Frilly Flares....can you tell I have 2 boys!?! I just love to make the girly stuff!!

Remember.....VIP members receive access to our monthly Presale and 10% off every order!

28 June 2009


I love anything handmade for kids....that's why I love the Handmade Kids site. It's full of amazing handmade finds for bubs and kids of all ages. At the moment Jemma is running a great giveaway. You can win a prize pack for a girl or a boy. All items have been made by very talented people!

So if you haven't already, check out the site and enter the comp!

22 June 2009


Although we are running a couple of weeks behind, I am glad to say that it's only a week until our June VIP Members Presale!
At the end of this month, all of our VIP customers will receive our newsletter and the PRESALE access code will be included. It's a chance for our loyal customers to have 'first pick' of the new stock before it enters the store.

This month will be mainly for the girls. More Party Pants, some new Frilly Flares and some cute little pinafores which are great for winter layering!

If you have a friend who has a little girl, get them to sign up to our newsletter so they don't miss out on the new stock.

Don't forget that all VIP members receive 10% off every order.

Okay, back to the sewing machine to stock the shelves!!

17 June 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie World!

I am almost ashamed to admit that although I live on the Sunshine Coast, I have not been to Aussie World.....until now.

Me, my boys and the Mothers Group clan headed off this week to enjoy all that Aussie World has to offer the under 5 year olds and we were not dissapointed.

We all had free run of 4 'tiny tots' rides and the big ferris wheel for 2 hours and us mums got a free cuppa!

For those who don't know Aussie World....it's a small theme park located next to the 'cartoon famous' Ettamogah pub! The crooked building with a tree growing up the middle that was based on a cartoon and they built it in real life, here on the Sunny Coast.

My Buddhas, Kyan & Jayden enjoying the rides

Kyan's happy face

As the smiles tell....a great time was had by all.

Definately worth checking out if you're visiting the Coast or if you are a local that just hasn't been before. It's great for kids!

03 June 2009

A Great Store for Cloth Nappies

I just came across this fantastic site which has a range of different cloth nappies all available under one roof......then I found out that Mel is another WAHM from the Sunshine Coast!

Go and check out Mel's store. She has a huge variety of styles, colours and sizes as well as every cloth nappy accessory you could need. It's the perfect place to shop for all things cloth!

31 May 2009

Wednesdays Child

Have you ever tried to shop while your two year old lies kicking & screaming on the floor?

If only you could view the latest in baby & kids products in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by family and friends. Well now you can. The Wednesday's Child range includes everything Mums, Dads and expectant parents could ask for.....including bed linen, toys, slings, clothing, skincare and much more. Brands include Bright Bots, Bubzilla, Gaia, Playgro, Tippy Toes and many more.

A fantastic idea for a baby shower. Wednesday's Child have a gift registry service too!

If you're looking for a one-stop shop, this is your place. Kim is constantly adding more products to her website and will soon have a shopping cart so you can buy directly online if you don't wish to have a party. If you see something you like, just click through to contact Kim and she will help you out.

We are pleased to announce that in the next few weeks, Wednesday's Child will be stocking some Boodabubs items. They will be listed online aswell as being available through gift registry and parties.

27 May 2009

Devine Wall Decals - Sneak Peek

When I was a child, my grandmother had several sets of Babushka Dolls around her house. I absolutely loved them so I'm very glad to see them making a comeback in a variety of craft forms over the last year or so. Now you can have them adorning your little girl's bedroom walls in the form of these devine wall decals!

Trina from Lola & Ben is offering you the chance to pre-order these before they hit the store on 1st June.

Offer includes FREE POSTAGE on all decals during June to anywhere!! Just enter DECAL on checkout and the discount will be applied.

EVEN BETTER.....go to www.lolaben.co.nz and sign up to receive Lola & Ben's newsletter and you could WIN a set of these lovely ladies for your little girl's room.

Children of the World

Our Russian Nesting Doll (Matryoshka Doll, Babuska Doll) Wall Decals are a modern twist on a traditional favourite.
Designed and made exclusively for Lola & Ben® by the creative talent behind StickyTiki Wall Graphics New Zealand the home of Fresh & Exciting Wall Decals.
This set of five Nesting Dolls originates from an original hand painting.
Being repositionable and reusable they can be moved numerous times without damaging walls. They are ideal for most smooth surfaces.
To achieve this look, eco-friendly inks are printed on a fabric decal base.
Push your design boundaries, in the bedroom, the playroom, bathroom…anywhere. Not only limited to children’s rooms and are very easy to apply and move.
Each dolls shares her own imaginative cultural heritage. They embrace & celebrate cultural diversity & uniqueness… ..a great talking point with your children.
Each set comes with 14 flowers, to help you create the perfect scene
Price: $79 NZD
sheet size 500/600 mm (20/23")
Largest doll 330/190mm (13/7.5")
Offer: Free Postage on all Decals in June 2009.
Available 1 June 2009.

26 May 2009

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Our new BLOG

Hi all and WELCOME to the new Boodabubs Blog. This is my first post on my NEW blog....having moved from Wordpress.

You can click here to have a look at past blog posts however we will only be blogging on this page from now on.

I will be adding a competition in the next few days so check back soon.