21 June 2010

We finally MADE IT!!!

Finally.....Boodabubs has set up a Made It store front.

Another avenue open for purchasing Boodabubs goodies.  Pricing is the same and shipping costs the same however it should help more people discover the wonderful world of Boodabubs.
I decided, now that I am leaving my 'real job' that I am ready to push forward with Boodabubs and can finally give it the time I have so been wanting to.  One and a half weeks until I finish up and can get stuck into Boodabubs.

We will also be selling our products throug a great new site Yellow Brick Road Market.  We will be one of the early sellers on this market but it is sure to become the next big place for all things handmade.  The lovely Prue is keeping control over items being sold to ensure minimal double up and maximum variety!

We should be up and running on Yellow Brick Road Market this week sometime.

Come and check out what else is on offer!

19 June 2010

Garage Sale Competition

Well, so far in the garage sale, lots of things have sold but only a few people entered the competition.

5 Entries and 3 prizes was pretty good odds!!!

Here is the draw as it took place.....

Congratulations to all....thanks for taking part.

17 June 2010


The Boodabubs Garage Sale begins on Facebook at 7pm this Friday 18th June.  In addition to the MEGA bargains being sold....we are giving away some extras.

Spread the word about the garage sale .....if a new 'liker' tells me you referred them you could win.....

New 'likers' must comment somewhere on the 'wall' or on the blog here, the name of the person who told you about the garage sale. Both new 'liker' and referrer will go in the draw to win! Anyone who also becomes a blog follower will get an extra entry. 
Eg...If you already 'like' the facebook page and you refer a friend who becomes a 'liker' of the facebook page and a 'follower' the blog....you get one entry for the facebook like, your friend gets 2 entries for doing both.  If you become a blog follower aswell, you will get 2 entries. 
Please note...maximum entries is 2 per person.  You do not get an entry for each friend simply for a friend.
ENTRIES CLOSE 8AM SATURDAY MORNING.  I will be creating entries based on your wall/blog comments so if you don't leave a comment before 8am Saturday, you won't be entered.
Good Luck

16 June 2010

Not sew well.....

All is on a 'go slow' here in Boodabubs land.

The cold weather has taken it's toll and I am suffering.  The kids are fine, Rohan is fine...just me...the one who has to look after everybody else!!  This has been going for weeks now but it has finally hit me for a six.

This week I have stopped boxing and running to completely rest and recover.  Eating whole garlic cloves and drinking ginger tea by the gallon.

Everytime I enter my sewing room I am rather anxious and frustrated.  Aside from finishing off some custom orders I just don't have the energy to start (or finish) anything.

Anyway, off to bed for me. Hopefully I will wake up feeling better....

03 June 2010

Boodabubs Party Pinny

Our newest design.....the Party Pinny.

A simple little winter pinafore made from denim and finished with cotton trims. Team with leggings for a cosy winter outfit.

More fabric combos are on the way!