18 October 2010

I'm still here....

Wow, where does the time go??? 

I have been so busy since releasing the Spring/Summer line that my poor blog has been very neglected.  I have been trying to keep the facebook page up to date, mainly because it's a little easier to do quickly.

Anyway, I'm here now!!

Thought I would pop up a couple of pics from the Spring/Summer photo shoot.  I haven't had much of a chance to add to the range due to a bunch of custom orders.

Tiny top & Skirt Set

Springtime Dress

Surf's Up Set

I will update with some more Boodabubs goings on in the next week or so.

Until then.....

22 July 2010

Spring is on the horizon.....

.....even though it's still freeeeeeeezzzing here on the sunny Sunshine Coast, I am busily preparing my Spring/Summer line in preparation for a summer of market stalls!!!!  Now that I have left my 'real' job, I am getting stuck into Boodabubs.

This years Spring/Summer will bring fresh fabrics and fun designs. 

For the Girls.....The TINY TOP is back for it's third year but with a cute twist.  Some simple girls bright, SUMMER SKIRTS which will come with APPLIQUED SINGLETS for a complete outfit.  Of course, it wouldn't be Boodabubs without some new fabric PARTY PANTS and we will also have some new fabrics for the GIDGET dress which was popular last year.

For the Boys.....The KOMBI Summer Set will of course be available in some groovy new fabrics teamed with summery singlets.  The GROMMET summer set will also be back in some new fabrics.  There will be short sleeve T's and singlets available with funky Appliques for little groovers.

For Bubs there will be some little BUM BUMS BLOOMER singlet sets!
I am aiming to release new items mid August so stay tuned. Prototypes are made and ready for photographing so won't be long now :)

Not long of winter to go...yipppeeeeee!!!

08 July 2010

Boodabubs....vege patch

We are all very excited to see our first little broccoli growing in our garden.  We used to grow them when we lived on the farm....pre-kids....but we've not planted them at this house until now.  We are lucky, after much time and effort, to have 2 boys who actually enjoy eating broccoli and have it every night.  Although we buy organic, I still prefer to be able to pick it from our own organic garden right before cooking for maximum freshness.  Can't wait!!!

The chilli bush is growing out of control.  Rohan cut it back last week and there's still about 2 million chillies on it!

And, much to the kids excitement, the Blueberry tree has fruit which will be ready soon.  Yay for me, I won't have to pay $9.00 for a punnet :)

I have been thinking lately how much I would really like to get some chooks.  We are only on a suburban block but we only have neighbours on one side and a huge bush reserve behind us.  It would be nice to get a couple of laying hens to scratch around the yard.  A pet that doesn't require too much maintenance nor much time from an already very busy family.  Hmmmmm, will think about it a little longer......

21 June 2010

We finally MADE IT!!!

Finally.....Boodabubs has set up a Made It store front.

Another avenue open for purchasing Boodabubs goodies.  Pricing is the same and shipping costs the same however it should help more people discover the wonderful world of Boodabubs.
I decided, now that I am leaving my 'real job' that I am ready to push forward with Boodabubs and can finally give it the time I have so been wanting to.  One and a half weeks until I finish up and can get stuck into Boodabubs.

We will also be selling our products throug a great new site Yellow Brick Road Market.  We will be one of the early sellers on this market but it is sure to become the next big place for all things handmade.  The lovely Prue is keeping control over items being sold to ensure minimal double up and maximum variety!

We should be up and running on Yellow Brick Road Market this week sometime.

Come and check out what else is on offer!

19 June 2010

Garage Sale Competition

Well, so far in the garage sale, lots of things have sold but only a few people entered the competition.

5 Entries and 3 prizes was pretty good odds!!!

Here is the draw as it took place.....

Congratulations to all....thanks for taking part.

17 June 2010


The Boodabubs Garage Sale begins on Facebook at 7pm this Friday 18th June.  In addition to the MEGA bargains being sold....we are giving away some extras.

Spread the word about the garage sale .....if a new 'liker' tells me you referred them you could win.....

New 'likers' must comment somewhere on the 'wall' or on the blog here, the name of the person who told you about the garage sale. Both new 'liker' and referrer will go in the draw to win! Anyone who also becomes a blog follower will get an extra entry. 
Eg...If you already 'like' the facebook page and you refer a friend who becomes a 'liker' of the facebook page and a 'follower' the blog....you get one entry for the facebook like, your friend gets 2 entries for doing both.  If you become a blog follower aswell, you will get 2 entries. 
Please note...maximum entries is 2 per person.  You do not get an entry for each friend simply for a friend.
ENTRIES CLOSE 8AM SATURDAY MORNING.  I will be creating entries based on your wall/blog comments so if you don't leave a comment before 8am Saturday, you won't be entered.
Good Luck

16 June 2010

Not sew well.....

All is on a 'go slow' here in Boodabubs land.

The cold weather has taken it's toll and I am suffering.  The kids are fine, Rohan is fine...just me...the one who has to look after everybody else!!  This has been going for weeks now but it has finally hit me for a six.

This week I have stopped boxing and running to completely rest and recover.  Eating whole garlic cloves and drinking ginger tea by the gallon.

Everytime I enter my sewing room I am rather anxious and frustrated.  Aside from finishing off some custom orders I just don't have the energy to start (or finish) anything.

Anyway, off to bed for me. Hopefully I will wake up feeling better....

03 June 2010

Boodabubs Party Pinny

Our newest design.....the Party Pinny.

A simple little winter pinafore made from denim and finished with cotton trims. Team with leggings for a cosy winter outfit.

More fabric combos are on the way!

31 May 2010

The 'other' Coast

The weekend just gone saw us head to the Gold Coast for a bit of an unwind.

This was our view on Sunday morning......

....just thought I would share that!

Nice to have a relaxing weekend before coming home to get stuck into a few custom orders!

28 May 2010

Yummy Fabric

I received some more yummy fabric in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to whip up some funky little daks for winter. I really want to make some for my little groovers who always seem to miss out!

I really must build an extra room to house all of the fabric I own! I am currently planning a trip to Ikea for some space saving storage solutions to use in my sewing room.

At the moment, the room where I create is crammed with a computer desk, computer, filing cabinet, bookcase full of books, cuttin table and small storage table. I have also taken the built in robe doors off and my husband had built in a bench where my machines sit and my completed garments hang above on the built in robe hanger bar. Then I have my fabric sitting in about 6 large plastic tubs and stacked in the room. All this in a small/medium size bedroom of our house....congested much?!

Creation Central

Tubs of fabric scraps

Bits & pieces

I am hoping the solution will be something like this.......

Plenty of pigeon holes for tubs of fabric and a desk which should fit both machines and free up the robe for more storage. Well, that's the plan...either that or I just keep going how I am and eventually drown in the sea of fabric that is beginning to consume my little creative space!

27 May 2010

In my Backyard

This week saw the release of our range of winter shirts called
In My Backyard

Designs that have been created with my little man Kyan from things he loves to look at in our backyard. Thought I would add some pics to the blog.

The 'Incee' shirt has been a huge hit and am in the process of creating some matching pants for a couple of custom orders so will share some pics when done.

Check these and more items out in store now!

24 May 2010

How exciting...

A couple of months back I blogged about Kyan's first ever drawing of a 'person' and how exciting it was.
I was amazed at how quickly he went from not even wanting to try to draw....to....almost overnight, drawing a head with eyes and legs etc.
Well, a few weeks back (I'm a bit slack at my blogging!) I took a picture of this.....on my phone because my camera battery was flat and I needed to get it before he rubbed it out.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!!!! He called me over to see what he had done and this was it! His blackboard has letters printed down the sides of it and he has copied them to create his name. This is the very first time Kyan ever wrote his name. I have since had it written on my Mother's Day card....which was so nice. He even wrote his brothers name on the card...with a bit of help from Daddy. My clever little chicken :)

17 May 2010

"Shopping" for a school

At the moment, our family is completely pre-occupied with choosing a school for Kyan. He starts Prep next year and it is currently enrolment time at all the private schools. I'm not sure why I'm particularly interested in private schools, I guess I'm just wanting to provide my children with a similar experience to my primary school days. I loved going to Mass and all the singing and activities that went with it. As a primary school aged girl, I thought it was great! I really want those first 3-4 years to be so fun that Kyan's idea of school will be etched into his brain as being fun. Not scary or boring or torturous in any way.

After 'checking out' all the local schools I find myself feeling a bit ho-hum about all of them. I can't help but think that most of the impact comes from the teacher which, in most cases, is almost impossible to know in advance. So my mission over the last 6 months (or more) has been to talk!!! I have been asking any parents I meet about schools that their children go to and what they think. I have even been asking kids....while at my day job....any kids I meet, I ask them about their school.

At this stage I am actually leaning toward a State School. A small school about 10 mins drive from my home. I know the prep teacher who is teaching prep there this year and next year. It's a MAN prep teacher which really appeals to me and he has a little boy very similar to Kyan (they are friends) so I know he knows how to handle Kyan's energy! There will also be about 5 of Kyan's friends from our Mothers Group attending the same school. I think it will be nice for him to start on this journey surrounded by some familiar faces.

Anyway, I shall continue on with my research in the hope of reaching a decision very soon so as not to miss out on the eventual school of choice!

14 May 2010

Hooray for today!

Today I gave notice to my 'real job'. The job (with an ex-employer) I was offered a year ago has somehow morphed into something different and I wasn't liking where it was headed. It meant giving up another day with my boys and so I said NO! For the first time in a long time I listened to my gut and said NO!

My husband is so supportive and really doesn't understand why I went back to work in the first place. I love the people and the social side but when it cuts further into my family time, it has to end.

I haven't felt this great in a long time. I walked out knowing that it was the right thing to do and I feel like the possibilities are endless!!

Now, waiting for the 1st of June when I actually finish and can close the door behind me, this time I'll be leaving it closed & locked!

09 May 2010

Time is flying

Not sure where the days and weeks are going but.....May already!!!???

Been a little busy over the past few weeks and a bit slack on the blogging.
A couple of weekends ago we managed to get up the range to Maleny and had a wander through the rainforest at Mary Cairncross park. It was a beautiful day.

On the way home we stopped in at a little Tea House which used to be Rohan's parents home....it was the home that he lived in for the first 3 years of his life. So nice to be able to wander around and have a look at the house which remains mostly unchanged!

I love this time of year!

20 April 2010

Blown Away....

Every once in a while I receive a package that blows me away. It's presentation and quality are amazing and I feel proud to be stocking the items.

I am speaking about the delivery of baby shoes from Baby Things by Jessica. As soon as I opened the box I was speechless!
And it's not just the packaging. The shoes are exquisite and extremely well made. I wish my boys were still little enough to wear these!
You will find the shoes instore with the next store stock due this week. VIPs have first access so sign up now.