21 June 2010

We finally MADE IT!!!

Finally.....Boodabubs has set up a Made It store front.

Another avenue open for purchasing Boodabubs goodies.  Pricing is the same and shipping costs the same however it should help more people discover the wonderful world of Boodabubs.
I decided, now that I am leaving my 'real job' that I am ready to push forward with Boodabubs and can finally give it the time I have so been wanting to.  One and a half weeks until I finish up and can get stuck into Boodabubs.

We will also be selling our products throug a great new site Yellow Brick Road Market.  We will be one of the early sellers on this market but it is sure to become the next big place for all things handmade.  The lovely Prue is keeping control over items being sold to ensure minimal double up and maximum variety!

We should be up and running on Yellow Brick Road Market this week sometime.

Come and check out what else is on offer!

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