31 March 2010

Our Sanctuary

Deciding to spend time at home this Easter has made me excited about getting some (very late) spring cleaning done! I feel like it is long overdue.

While looking around my home, I re-discovered some special little pockets of memories and happiness that I sometimes forget to stop and look at......

Our entry way has some lovely shelves holding special memories. One of our wedding photos and some shells collected from the beach while the photos were being taken.

This sunny little corner is where I am constantly rotating photos of our family. The artwork on the wall was given as a gift from my best friend some years ago. That's me in the middle with my best friend and her sister (my other best friend). We have been the closest of friends since meeting 20 years ago and still speak most days!

Kyan's room is such a happy place to be. When I walk past and look in, it cheers me up. He has many little treasures from Byron Bay in his room and he loves each and every one!

I'm sure over the Easter break I will capture some more images of special places to share with you all.


Sometimes I get bogged down in every day life and forget what a beautiful part of world we live in. Beach, lake, parks and bushland are all on our doorstep and create such a tranquil environment just begging to be enjoyed.

We recently escaped a little further up the beach with some friends and had an amazing time at Double Island Point.

Our first time driving on the beach!!! The boys thought it was great and kept asking Daddy to drive in the water!

Our little patch of this pristine beach

This was our pre-Easter getaway.....we have decided to stay home over the break and enjoy some more local sights and activities aswell as visiting friends and family. Should be nice and relaxing!

25 March 2010

Charli&Jax.....New to Boodabubs

Well, I'm most excited at the moment. After a long search, far and wide, I have finally managed to find a wipes case that is handmade in Australia
and that will withstand the daily torture of nappy bag life!

Charli&Jax is run by 2 WAHMs, Kate & Krissy. The girls share a passion for all things craft and wanted to put their love of creating into something useful. Besides the delicious wipes cases, they also make bibs, burp cloths and even personalised canvases. Based in Mackay, these two talented mum's are working on setting up a website to display their magnificent creations.
In the meantime, these wipes cases will be available through Boodabubs in the next couple of weeks in various gorgeous fabrics! Make sure you're a VIP member to find out first.

The perfect baby shower gift, functional yet stylish!

22 March 2010

The little things....

Not so long ago my husband and I were discussing Kyan's apparent lack of interest in drawing and painting. Wondering if & when he would start to enjoy drawing rather than saying "I can't draw that!" everytime he would sit down to draw. Despite attempting to teach him how to draw faces, he never really wanted to learn.

So imagine my surprise when he called me to the blackboard to show me his picture.....A FACE!! This is very exciting because it's the first face he has drawn, ever!

I took a photo of his picture because Rohan is away all week and I knew he would want to see it.

So here is the photo of Kyan and his face picture....a small moment of 'artiness' for my little number loving boy.

Since then he has done a drawing of our vege garden and a dragon. Just goes to show that they do things when they are ready and not a moment sooner.

11 March 2010

Facebook Giveaway

Just to let everybody in blogland know.....we are having a giveaway on our Facebook page.

We've already given away 2 appliqued tshirts and there's one more to go! Once we hit 140 fans, the winner will be drawn so if you aren't already a 'fan' of Boodabubs click HERE to become one and go in the running to win.

In the meantime, I've been getting a few custom orders which usually happens when I'm trying to build stock! Custom top below to go with our Marshmallow Cuffed Cords. I've tried to stay away from owls because they've been done by everybody, everywhere!! But, that is what was ordered and this is what I came up with.

On another note, surprise, surprise.....it's raining again! I love rain but it's wearing a little thin now. Especially when my washing was on the line dry and not a cloud in the sky....come in to do some sewing and next thing it's pouring!?!?

Good night all.

Shelley x

06 March 2010

Sewing again!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my energy is on the up and up...so much so that I've been sewing all day today!

Very exciting to be creating again. Notepads full of mental pictures but absolutely NO energy to even consider actually creating, until today.

Funny how a perfectly tidy sewing room can become a bombsite in a matter of hours. Oh well, it was worth it to finally whip up some tees and dig into my stash of about 200 blank tees just waiting to be turned into a funky fashion item.

This is my favourite creation today.........'drive with me' tee.

Next store stocking will be 16th March so sign up for VIP membership so you don't miss out!

Shelley x

02 March 2010

Happy Birthday Kyan

On 21st February Kyan turned 4!!! Yes, 4 years old....where did those years go?

We didn't have a party for him this year. Instead we went away for the weekend to the Gold Coast and visited Movie World!

Of course, the mother guilt of not throwing a party kicked in a few days before so I decided to create a special cake for Kindy.

I decided not to discuss this with Kyan, just in case the project was a failure. After much brainstorming between myself and Rohan, we decided that Kyan would most LOVE a dragon cake!!!!

So I dropped Kyan at Kindy on Thursday morning and raced into the supermarket to grab supplies. I had about 4.5 hours until Kindy pick up time.....the race was on!!
This is the finished product....before it was destroyed by 22 kindergarten children!

I had a dozen kindy mums asking me to make them a cake and suggesting that I go into business. While it was a rewarding experience seeing it all come together, it's not something I would like to do on a daily basis.

Thankfully, I have 6 months until Jayden's birthday!

Shelley x