27 February 2010

Iron Woman!!!

Wow.....I have recently been feeling VERY VERY tired and was starting to think that there was something seriously wrong with me.

I would wake in the morning, make the boys breakfast and crawl back into bed until morning tea time. This was my existence. On the sad occasion that I had to leave the house, I would be struggling to stand!

After a host of blood tests, ultrasounds and xrays I have found out that I am ANAEMIC!! Not just iron deficient....anaemic. You can't imagine my relief at finally knowing why all I wanted to do is sleep.

Now I am on the rebuilding red blood cells mission. My herbalist has given me a great tonic and some fantastic recipes. I am not a vego but I don't really eat much meat. Problem is that I wasn't substituting for other iron rich foods....well, we hope that's the problem. If I have another blood test in a month and the levels aren't up, then we stress some more!

Anyway, this is why the store has no stock. I have no energy to even think about sewing let alone actually performing the task. I have barely even been on the computer.

So hang in there oh loyal customers. Boodabubs isn't going anywhere, we just need to recover from this ailment.

Shelley x