11 March 2010

Facebook Giveaway

Just to let everybody in blogland know.....we are having a giveaway on our Facebook page.

We've already given away 2 appliqued tshirts and there's one more to go! Once we hit 140 fans, the winner will be drawn so if you aren't already a 'fan' of Boodabubs click HERE to become one and go in the running to win.

In the meantime, I've been getting a few custom orders which usually happens when I'm trying to build stock! Custom top below to go with our Marshmallow Cuffed Cords. I've tried to stay away from owls because they've been done by everybody, everywhere!! But, that is what was ordered and this is what I came up with.

On another note, surprise, surprise.....it's raining again! I love rain but it's wearing a little thin now. Especially when my washing was on the line dry and not a cloud in the sky....come in to do some sewing and next thing it's pouring!?!?

Good night all.

Shelley x

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