08 July 2010

Boodabubs....vege patch

We are all very excited to see our first little broccoli growing in our garden.  We used to grow them when we lived on the farm....pre-kids....but we've not planted them at this house until now.  We are lucky, after much time and effort, to have 2 boys who actually enjoy eating broccoli and have it every night.  Although we buy organic, I still prefer to be able to pick it from our own organic garden right before cooking for maximum freshness.  Can't wait!!!

The chilli bush is growing out of control.  Rohan cut it back last week and there's still about 2 million chillies on it!

And, much to the kids excitement, the Blueberry tree has fruit which will be ready soon.  Yay for me, I won't have to pay $9.00 for a punnet :)

I have been thinking lately how much I would really like to get some chooks.  We are only on a suburban block but we only have neighbours on one side and a huge bush reserve behind us.  It would be nice to get a couple of laying hens to scratch around the yard.  A pet that doesn't require too much maintenance nor much time from an already very busy family.  Hmmmmm, will think about it a little longer......

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