17 May 2010

"Shopping" for a school

At the moment, our family is completely pre-occupied with choosing a school for Kyan. He starts Prep next year and it is currently enrolment time at all the private schools. I'm not sure why I'm particularly interested in private schools, I guess I'm just wanting to provide my children with a similar experience to my primary school days. I loved going to Mass and all the singing and activities that went with it. As a primary school aged girl, I thought it was great! I really want those first 3-4 years to be so fun that Kyan's idea of school will be etched into his brain as being fun. Not scary or boring or torturous in any way.

After 'checking out' all the local schools I find myself feeling a bit ho-hum about all of them. I can't help but think that most of the impact comes from the teacher which, in most cases, is almost impossible to know in advance. So my mission over the last 6 months (or more) has been to talk!!! I have been asking any parents I meet about schools that their children go to and what they think. I have even been asking kids....while at my day job....any kids I meet, I ask them about their school.

At this stage I am actually leaning toward a State School. A small school about 10 mins drive from my home. I know the prep teacher who is teaching prep there this year and next year. It's a MAN prep teacher which really appeals to me and he has a little boy very similar to Kyan (they are friends) so I know he knows how to handle Kyan's energy! There will also be about 5 of Kyan's friends from our Mothers Group attending the same school. I think it will be nice for him to start on this journey surrounded by some familiar faces.

Anyway, I shall continue on with my research in the hope of reaching a decision very soon so as not to miss out on the eventual school of choice!

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