24 May 2010

How exciting...

A couple of months back I blogged about Kyan's first ever drawing of a 'person' and how exciting it was.
I was amazed at how quickly he went from not even wanting to try to draw....to....almost overnight, drawing a head with eyes and legs etc.
Well, a few weeks back (I'm a bit slack at my blogging!) I took a picture of this.....on my phone because my camera battery was flat and I needed to get it before he rubbed it out.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!!!! He called me over to see what he had done and this was it! His blackboard has letters printed down the sides of it and he has copied them to create his name. This is the very first time Kyan ever wrote his name. I have since had it written on my Mother's Day card....which was so nice. He even wrote his brothers name on the card...with a bit of help from Daddy. My clever little chicken :)

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