28 May 2010

Yummy Fabric

I received some more yummy fabric in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to whip up some funky little daks for winter. I really want to make some for my little groovers who always seem to miss out!

I really must build an extra room to house all of the fabric I own! I am currently planning a trip to Ikea for some space saving storage solutions to use in my sewing room.

At the moment, the room where I create is crammed with a computer desk, computer, filing cabinet, bookcase full of books, cuttin table and small storage table. I have also taken the built in robe doors off and my husband had built in a bench where my machines sit and my completed garments hang above on the built in robe hanger bar. Then I have my fabric sitting in about 6 large plastic tubs and stacked in the room. All this in a small/medium size bedroom of our house....congested much?!

Creation Central

Tubs of fabric scraps

Bits & pieces

I am hoping the solution will be something like this.......

Plenty of pigeon holes for tubs of fabric and a desk which should fit both machines and free up the robe for more storage. Well, that's the plan...either that or I just keep going how I am and eventually drown in the sea of fabric that is beginning to consume my little creative space!


  1. That storage solution looks awesome! Great idea!! Is that an ikea one?

  2. Yep....actually found it on Ebay and it said it was Ikea. Went on to Ikea website and sure enough! I love how space saving it is with the desk off the shelving! Another great Ikea idea. :)