02 July 2009


I know I've already blogged today but I couldn't resist raving about the amazing weather on the Sunny Sunshine Coast today.

We have just spent all morning lazing on the beach and it was actually HOT in the sun! We always have lovely days in winter but not quite this warm......though the water is about minus 10.....maybe a slight exaggeration!.

Anyway, not complaining. Just sharing some pics of my little men enjoying the day.

....and, yes, they are wearing matching wetsuits!! They only had one colour when I got them....I know they'll hate me for it when they're older. hehehe

1 comment:

  1. LOL... cute - I am a twin so I completely understand the matching clothes... I am in Ipswich and let me tell you, it was windy and apparantly due for another windy day tomorrow - so soak up the beautiful weather when you can.