18 November 2009

Just around the corner....

Like most of you, I cannot believe it's only 5 and a bit weeks until Christmas. Despite the fact that it seems to have crept up on me.....I absolutely love everything about this festive season.

This is the first year (in the last 6 years) that my parents, 7 brothers & sisters and 6 nieces & nephews will not be turning our house upside down on Christmas day/night. This year we are celebrating at my sister's home and I must say I am already enjoying a relaxing lead up to Christmas. Usually at this time I am cleaning my house from top to bottom, shopping every 2 days to ensure we have enough food to feed our 'army', gardening, painting etc, etc, etc. Basically, every little thing that hasn't been done since last Christmas has to be done in the last few weeks leading up.....but not this year!!!

I have spent this week creating with my little chickens. Cardboard christmas trees and stars to decorate, christmas tree cookies with icing and sprinkles, not to mention watching 'The Santa Clause' at least 6 times already!

These days of being able to be at home, with small children in the lead up to Christmas, are very limited and this year I am really going to make the most of it.

Off to bed now in preparation for being woken at 5am by two very energetic little men!

1 comment:

  1. I just love it when the little ones are sooo loving & cuddly..aww!
    your kids clothing is adorable.
    hope you all have a great christmas.